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A Bird’s-Eye View Illustrated: Federal Government Ecosystem
At first glance, One Page Thinking’s Federal Government Ecosystem Diagram seems overwhelming. For those of you who feel this way, think about this:  Until now, no diagram like this has ever existed!
There are innumerable sources of information for one to obtain high level or detailed information about how the U.S. federal government works. Unfortunately, most of this information is presented at the ground floor level that is far too detailed for the layperson. At the other end of the information spectrum are visual aids that present the federal government at the 100,000 feet level, which is far too simplistic to be helpful.
At One Page Thinking, we condense information visually on a single page so our clients can get a holistic, bird’s-eye view to understand the intricacies at the surface without getting bogged down in the weeds. (For added perspective, see our chart below for an illustration of the balance of scope and detail we try to achieve.)

So, take a slow walk through our diagram. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a short amount of time about the federal government – an organization that is omnipresent in our lives, but little understood by the people it serves due to its complexity.


Essential Features of One Page Thinking Diagrams

"One Page Thinking is designed for those who need to quickly process

complex information to make informed decisions."


Experts say the most effective communication tool is the road map. If you study it, you'll realize how complicated it is and how much information it crams into one medium. A good road map is replete with squiggly lines for rivers and streams, alley ways, small print, train tracks, underpasses, and the like. Yet, everyone knows how to use a map and will refer to it again and again and again. This is how One Page Thinking came to be.


We've come to find that most decision-makers are visual thinkers, especially when it comes to processing complex information. Therefore, written work products are best presented through visual tools (better yet a one page tool). With this goal, we founded One Page Thinking to present complex business and legal information in a visual, digestible layout suitable to your business needs. 


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